Friday, February 4, 2011

throbbing blog

Dear Blog,

Have you ever wondered what Daft Punk would sound like if its members were not two Frenchmen but three retarded Indians? It's a question that's been bothering me for weeks! Well, Blog, today I decided to answer my offensive little query...

Geographically speaking, I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to recording Native Americans, let alone the very few handicapped ones. With that in mind I decided the only responsible course of action would be to bust out the old Ouija board/Recording Studio and see if I could lure in any stray Natarded Americans. Yes I made that joke.

Fishing for Indian ghosts is easy. They're a proud people and absolutely love showing us how right they were about spirits and all that gay shit. Trying to land myself a retarded one, on the other hand, proved to be a formidable challenge. Luckily I'm a fucking genius and recalled a little lesson that one John Steinbeck taught me about our gentle friends. My work was almost done...

The rabbit was a much more successful lure than I expected, and, heartbreaking as it was, I had to tell an entire bus full of autistic Sioux children that they were all woefully tone-deaf. Spiderman's uncle once warned me about something like this... Lame references aside, I soon found my three special little guys and milked those bastards for all they're worth. They won't see a dime.

Yeah fuck you too, little girl.

For a bunch of idiots, they sure knew their way around the ones and twos... Here's what they came up with:

TRTI by el sid

Wow, that was a bad idea! Guess that clears things up for me!




    I made a picture for you

  2. haha